Tahoe Development Project
Tahoe Tahoe is an open source research-oriented software platform for the development of numerical methods and material models. The goal of the work surrounding Tahoe is the simulation of materials physics involving measures such as stress, deformation, velocity, temperature, or other state variables of interest, for situations that cannot be treated by standard continuum simulation techniques. These situations include material fracture or failure, interfacial adhesion and debonding, shear banding, length-scale dependent elasticity and plasticity, deformation in small-scale structures, solid-liquid-gas interactions, and other multi-physical phenomena observed at multiple length and time scales for a wide range of materials. Aside from a collection of standard finite elements, Tahoe includes meshfree simulation capability (Reproducing Kernel Particle Method (RKPM)) and other particle methods, such as ellipsoidal and poly-ellipsoidal Discrete Element Method (DEM), Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH), PeriDynamics (PD), coupled DEM-SPH, coupled DEM-PD, poly-ellipsoidal DEM with particle fracture, and coupled ellipsoidal Discrete Element Method - Computational Fluid Dynamics (DEM-CFD). Tahoe also includes a number of "cohesive" approaches for modeling fracture. These include both surface and bulk constitutive models that incorporate cohesive behavior. Tahoe is capable of performing static and transient dynamic coupled-physics analysis in two and three dimensions, along with contact. Many capabilities support parallel execution.

Tahoe Version 2.1

For questions about using Tahoe, refer to the user's guide tahoe.user.pdf at http://tahoe.cvs.sourceforge.net/viewvc/tahoe/guide.user/, access the Tahoe Discussion Forums at http://tahoe.sourceforge.net/bb, or email tahoe-support@lists.sourceforge.net for more information.
To link to the tahoe sourceforge project webpage for source download, go to https://sourceforge.net/projects/tahoe and download the tahoe-install script, and to browse the public cvs repository, go to http://tahoe.cvs.sourceforge.net/
A private cvs repository for source code is located at https://tahoe.cvs.cvsdude.com/development/ and for benchmark example files at https://tahoe.cvs.cvsdude.com/development_benchmark_xml/ for those actively developing in Tahoe. Source code is normally transferred from private to public repositories once the source is tested, and a related publication is in press.
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