need help on Gaussian window

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need help on Gaussian window

Postby ghfang06 » Thu Oct 11, 2007 12:13 am

Hi everybody here,
I am now trying to use the meshfree method, and the meaning of the parameters used in Gaussian window of RKPM confuses me very much.
I have read most of the posts in this forum and also the papers written by Wing Kam Liu, while I am still not able to understand the meaning of these parameters used in tahoe completely.

# window function parameters
1.5 # support size scaling
0.4 # support sharpening factor
2.0 # neighbor cut-off factor

I guess that ‘support size scaling’ is the radius of the support region.

neighbor cut-off factor’ is explained like this by an former post:
(2) neighbor cut-off: some window functions have a clear support size. Others like Gaussian window functions continue to decay forever, though they do have a characteristic width. For the Gaussian window function, this factor determines how many times farther than the characteristic width a nodes continue to interact with the point of observation.

At present, I didn’t get any information about ‘support sharpening factor’.

Could someone kindly give me instruction on how to understand these parameters?
Thanks a lot for any help!

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