Installing Tahoe in Ubuntu 16.04

Installing Tahoe in Ubuntu 16.04

Postby samanseifi » Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:17 am

Ubuntu 16.04 supports modern GCC-5, and you "probably" are not able to build Tahoe with this version for now. Choosing GNU-GCC4.6 as the primary compiler also (probably) won't help since Ubuntu 16.04 does not support GCC-4.6 anymore. Fortunately, there is still GCC-4.7 bindings that can be installed. Run the following:

apt install gcc-4.7

After installing GCC-4.7 you should go to Tahoe's macros directory in "~/Tahoe/macros"

open "GNU-GCC4.6.macros" with your favourite editor and change gcc, g++, gfortran to gcc-4.7, g++-4.7 and gfortran-4.7 respectively everywhere. For example take these lines in GNU-GCC4.6

COMP_C = $(GCC)/bin/gcc
COMP_CC = $(GCC)/bin/g++
COMP_F = $(GCC)/bin/gfortran

and change them to:

COMP_C = $(GCC)/bin/gcc-4.7
COMP_CC = $(GCC)/bin/g++-4.7
COMP_F = $(GCC)/bin/gfortran-4.7

try to build Tahoe and hopefully it should be fine.


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